Pay-What-You-Can Shopify Store Setup

By the end of this 8-hour, pay-what-you can course, you'll have an online Shopify store that's live with the full ability to sell your products online.


  • Session 1: Customer Avatar, set up development store, select theme, dashboard orientation, choose theme settings, build out homepage, populate homepage content, link social profiles.
  • Session 2: Create one product page, adding / updating products, creating a collection, preparing standard pages (info / about / contact), create refund, privacy, terms of service, and shipping policies, basic Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
  • Session 3: Basic website navigation, remove "Powered by Shopify", App Store walk-through and set up of powerful marketing apps, shipping profile, payment gateway, tax collection.
  • Session 4: Google Analytics and Search Console, Facebook pixel, launch your website on your custom domain, test a transaction, how to refund a transaction. 

*This is not a one-on-one course. You'll receive video tutorials via email. The instructor will perform a Shopify build on a demo store.

**You will need to purchase a theme, unless you choose one of the free themes. The average cost of a theme is a one-time payment of $180 USD. Following your 14-day free Shopify trial, you will need to purchase a monthly package, which ranges from $29 - $79 USD.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Mary Eleanor Downe
"I would have never had the courage to set up the site without your course."

Thanks to Ivana and Simon, I now have a new Shopify website. I would never have had the courage to set up the site without your course. The course gave me the confidence to persevere and set up my site.

"I'm really, really happy with it."

I've built websites before that took 6 months. I can't believe I have a fully functional, operating website in one month that's ready to go. It's not perfect, I still need to make a few tweaks, but honestly, I would not be mad if somebody visited this website right now and bought products. I'm really, really happy with it.

"I will definitely recommend this class!"

Thanks to Build Your Shopify Store in 10 Days, I was able to not only increase traffic to my store, but also make a really nice looking Shopify store. This class has a lot of great topics to learn from basic SEO, product descriptions, to email marketing and lots more. But what I really enjoyed the most, they took their time to build a website from scratch alongside you, and they will answer your questions right away. I will definitely recommend this class!