[Two-Part Workshop] Creating, testing, validating, and scaling offers on Facebook

April 22nd and 29th

In this two-part workshop, you will:

  • Create a profile for your target customer

  • Create five Facebook ad angles using Merchant Mastery’s Offer Harmonics framework. Each ad angle will speak to your target customer’s aspirational states, while integrating transactional, brand, influence, and functional offer attributes.

  • Because you don’t know which offer attributes will resonate with your customers the most, we will be split testing your ad angles against multiple audiences on Facebook, and using various image combinations. Specifically, we will help you create 5 ad sets on Facebook using your 5 ad angles, where we will help you set up multiple ad audiences.

  • After the initial workshop on April 22nd, you will be ready to run an ad experiment over 7 days based on our instruction, and we will meet again at the 10 day mark on April 29th to review what the data is telling you, and and verify which message + ad + audience combination performed best. Note that you will need additional advertising spend to run your advertising experiment, and we recommend committing at least $800 USD to get enough website traffic and data needed to validate your offering.

  • During the April 29th session we will provide guidance on how to scale your ads from there based on your initial data. 

In an incredibly rare instance, the workshop will be run by Scott Cunningham and Simon Trafford, who are two co-founders at Merchant Mastery (courses and coaching for Shopify store owners) and its sister legacy agency Social Lite, which is a Shopify Partner agency helping eCommerce brands across the globe scale sustainably. Social Lite is a Platinum Privy Partner, Certified Klaviyo Master, and DigitalMarketer Certified Partner Agency, and its agency has managed over $5M in Facebook advertising spend over the past 18 months alone. This workshop is going to ROCK, to say the least.

The dates and times:

Session one — April 22nd: 10am-1pm MST

Create your customer profile and 5 ad angles, and set up your ads in Facebook with multiple images and audiences. Launch your ads after this session with full instructions on how to manage your daily activities. 

Session two — April 29th: 10am-noon MST

Discuss your results from the 7-day experiment, and validate which offers resonate most with your audience based on specific KPIs — add-to-carts, initiated checkouts, and ultimately sales. We will end the two-part workshop with guidance on how to scale your ads from here. 

**NOTE** In addition to the cost of this workshop ($95), you will need an additional advertising budget that you will use in your Facebook account to run your ads on your own. We will provide instructions on how to run your ads, but you will ultimately be responsible for the setup, management and advertising spend for your ads.


Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
If you have a website you NEED to take this course!

The course is amazing! It lays out EVERY and I mean EVERY tool you need in order to make your online business successful. Each week I was blown away by the information they were sharing that I could do myself in order to grow my business. The team is so knowledgeable and easy to understand. THANK YOU!

Karina N.
I learned a ton! And had a view into how complex FB ads are.

Hi Scott and Simone,
I learned a ton…I thank you as now I know where things are in the current dashboard. I learned how to set up 3 kinds of ads, as I only knew one before. Your expertise from working with clients big and small really came through. Thanks for getting us into the water of FB ads and showing us where to start swimming.

Andrea B.
Exactly what I needed!

Before taking this course, I had stumbled around running Facebook ads without knowing what I was doing - basically I was wasting money. In the course I learned and implementated a great approach to testing various potential ad ideas and audiences and how to get to ads that would be repeatedly and predictably profitable. I'm far from perfect but well on my way to the results I need