4 Offer Attributes That Compel Customers To Buy Your Product

If you want your offer to really resonate with your customer, you need to consider four specific attributes.

These attributes are the reasons that customers are going to say yes or no to your product.

What are they?

1) Transactional attribute

These are front-end offers whose main goal is to convert first-time buyers. Think: discounts, free shipping, gift with purchase, etc. 

2) Brand attribute

People connect with a brand's vision / mission.

Does your brand have a cool story? Support a cause? Have certain lifestyle components that resonate with your target customer?

The good news here is: You don't always have to discount your product.

3) Influencer attribute

These are third-party endorsements of your product that influence your customer's buying decision such as reviews, UGC, social following, video testimonials, and influencers.

4) Functional attribute

With functional attributes, there's usually a trigger event involved.

For example, if you live in a climate where winter comes around, you'll probably need a warm jacket that's waterproof.

These four attributes inform your product pages, web displays, emails, and ads.

So, how do you use them?

First, click here to get your copy of the offer attributes checklist!

Then, brainstorm and list different offer attributes that you can use on your product pages, website displays, emails, and ads.

You don't know which one of these attributes will resonate with your customers the most, so you need to test all of them to find a winner.