Another Way to Stand Out in the Marketplace and Own Your Expertise

Let us paint a picture for you:

You're a really talented makeup artist and sell your own line of cosmetics.

People pay good money to have you transform their faces into works of art. So you say to yourself, "Hm... maybe I could sell makeup tutorials alongside my products."

And maybe, once per month, you do exclusive sneak peeks of new products or run member-only giveaways, so you want to have a subscription or membership-based model as well. Kind of like an all-access-pass to all things "your brand".

Thinkific is a platform that allows you to seamlessly integrate your Shopify store and sell physical goods (your product) alongside digital ones (your courses and tutorials).

This allows you to:

  1. Monetize your expertise with a new revenue stream.
  2. Grow your audience and move them to purchase.
  3. Increase repeat purchases and referrals by growing brand engagement.

If you've ever thought about creating your own online courses to support your business or expertise, you can seamlessly connect Shopify into Thinkific's online course platform in the new Thinkific App Store.

Easily add a new revenue stream to your business or create value-added content to drive more sales.