Frustrated With Facebook Reporting? Same

It has officially been two weeks since Apple released their iOS 15 update. In a turn of events shocking to absolutely no one, this update, along with the data tracking pop-up alerts released back in April, has disrupted the advertising and email game.

** Sighhh **

Before, if someone clicked on your ad and made a purchase, Facebook tracked this conversion and targeted this person with relevant ads.

Most Apple users have opted out of tracking, which reduces Facebook's access to data, and limits their ability to target.

The changes also impact conversion tracking. Facebook estimates they're under reporting iOS web conversions by approximately 15%.

Facebook is working to improve its reporting capabilities. However, until then, they have released some actions you can take right now. 

1. Allow time before you analyze performance.

Because the system has less access to user data, it requires more time to gather enough relevant information.

In addition, there are delays in the reporting process. Facebook recommends waiting for a minimum of 72 hours, or the entire length of the optimization window, before evaluating performance. 

2. Analyze the campaign, not the creative.

Evaluate your ad performance at the campaign level. The conversion data may be aggregated and reported with a delay for the ad set and ad level. 

3. Setup the conversion API.

Conversion API creates a privacy-safe connection between your marketing data and Facebook. This connection will help you optimize your campaigns, decrease cost per action, and more accurately measure campaign outcomes. 

4. Configure web events using Aggregated Event Measurement. 

Choose the web event most aligned with your core business outcomes. 

5. Consider all the tools available.

Consider all measurement tools you have available to you, including tools for reporting outside of Facebook.

6. Continue to test and learn

Through testing, you can determine what works for you.

Now let's all take a deep breath together, and dive on in.

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