We recently hosted a special BFCM event with shopify, and now you can access the full recording for free!

Sign up at the bottom of this page to access 4 hours of training to make this your most successful Black Friday/Cyber Monday campaign yet!

You will hear from top industry leaders about the best, most current sales and marketing strategies, including proven ad formulas, holiday promotion and offer ideas, landing page and conversion rate optimization tips, and what's new with email marketing.

Here's a brief, yet powerful 30-minute preview on planning for BFCM success:

3 KEY LESSONS YOU'LL LEARN from this special bfcm training

In addition to hearing from our team of eCommerce sales and marketing experts, you will also hear presentations by leading professionals at Shopify, Privy, Klaviyo, and Carro, as well as real Merchants, including famous shoe brand Vessi, and established vintage jewelry brand, 100 Ways. Three key takeaways include the following:

1. Optimize Your Offer + Conversion Rate

Learn how to use the Customer Value Journey to identify and engage customers with an irresistible offer, and how to optimize your homepage and product pages for conversions.

2. Prime Buyers With Facebook Ads

Learn the most effective way to warm up your Facebook audiences before BFCM, and how to use lead forms to grow your email list ahead of your big sale.

3. Run email workflows that generate sales

Learn why this year is projected to be the biggest in holiday eCommerce sales to date, and the different types of emails you should be sending to generate the greatest ROI on your email campaigns.