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You now have FULL ACCESS to almost FOUR hours of completely FREE, uninterrupted BFCM sales and marketing strategy from Shopify Experts, Privy, Klaviyo, and Carro.

Here's the breakdown so you can fast-forward to the sections you're most interested in:

0:00 | Scott Cunningham from Social Lite: Map out the 8 stages of the customer relationship and plan how you can advance the best kind of buyers through each of these 8 stages.

28:20 | Cassandra Ratcliffe , Shopify Local Community Manager for the Vancouver and Sea To Sky Region, shares all the different ways she can support merchants in the Vancouver area.

34:30 | Simon Trafford and Dan Jordan from Social Lite talk Facebook ads and dialing in your product pages and UX to blow up your holiday season and maximize sales.

1:12:42 | Merchant Panel featuring Gabriel S. Dias from Vessi Footwear and Tyler Whitmore and Charlie Pollock from 100 Ways | Vintage & Modern Jewellery.

2:16:00 | Marco De Paulis from Privy on 3 tactics to sell like crazy this BFCM without spending more on traffic.

2:35:25 | Lizzie Nirenberg from Klaviyo shares what to expect and how to prepare your email workflows for BFCM.

2:58:18 | Cade Proulx from Carro shows you how their app is shaking up the influencer and affiliate marketing space in a way that hasn't been done before.

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