[Two-Part] Virtual BFCM Workshop 2022

A replay of our annual BFCM workshop.

Most eCommerce businesses generate 60-70% of their entire yearly revenue in the last three months of the year, during Black Friday/Cyber Monday and Christmas.

Yet, customer acquisition costs are through the roof this year, which means the most competitive season for eCommerce will be more competitive than ever.

In this workshop, you will learn the EXACT playbook we use at our sister agency to not only overcome rising acquisition costs but to make this your most successful year of all time (it’s true, the eCommerce industry is still growing at a rapid pace!).

You will walk away from this workshop with a complete action plan to start implementing your BFCM campaign today.

The workshop is 2.5 hours split over two days with two Q&A sessions.

We will provide you with a full BFCM strategy to launch between October and January.

  • October 6th: Offers + Online Store (1 hour) + Q&A
  • October 7th: Emails + Ads (1 hour) + Q&A

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Kathleen Ullmann
Training That Made a Difference!

Merchant Mastery Elite is helping me to understand marketing. The modules have been thoughtfully planned, providing the information and assignments in a non-intimidating and incremental manner. The Coaching sessions and the Facebook Group are helpful even if you do not have questions; learning by listening to other participants helps me to know I am not the only one encountering obstacles as I work on course assignments and daily marketing issues. Joining MME was one of the best business decisions I made!

Monica Resendes
We'd still be a side hustle if not for Merchant Mastery

We can't say enough about how helpful these workshops and courses are. Merchant Mastery has helped us completely transform our business and take it from a side hustle to a full time gig that has just kept growing over the year and half we started the program. The program itself is amazing but then there are also the daily coaching calls and amazingly practical and valuable workshops (like this BFCM one) that continue to help our business grow in ways I could never ever do by myself as a new entrepreneur. These folks at MM are amazing and what they offer small e-comm business like us is invaluable. I am sooooo very thankful to them. Joining MM was the hands down the best money we ever spent. Hands down!!!

Joan C.
Amazing program!

If you put in the work, they are there for you every step of the way. This is such a worthwhile course. I can’t give it high enough praise.