4 massive announcements from Klaviyo's recent product event

In case you missed it, Klaviyo introduced 4 MASSIVE product updates at its recent product event, to help merchants connect with customers better, with a key focus on ownership. Ownership of data, relationships, and the experiences they deliver. 

1) The first update was the price drop trigger.

Hang on to your seats for this one, kids. Ready for it? Consumers can now be notified of price drops automatically through flows! The software personalizes the notification based on the customers' previous actions on the site, specifically showing price drops for items they have previously added to their cart but didn't purchase. 

Removing the need to create additional segments or campaigns while still providing relevant content saves businesses time while heightening the consumer experience.  

Companies can send these notifications via email or SMS.

Iphone demonstration of automatic price drop notifications to ecommerce customers

2) To help companies grow their SMS lists, Klaviyo released multi-step forms. 

Multi-step forms allow you to collectmore customer information to provide an increasingly personalized experience. 

Companies can build their SMS list without sacrificing their email list as both questions are individual steps for customers.

Businesses can add more steps to collect other relevant information — for example, a customer's birth date to capitalize on a killer birthday offer. 

Another feature is the click-to-text signup. When customers visit the site on their mobile device and enter their email to receive the welcome offer, they now have the option to receive the discount code via a text message — seamlessly collecting both the consumer's email and phone number. 

Iphone demonstration of multi step forms to collect SMS and email for customers

3) SMS continues to grow in popularity

No surprise here — SMS is still the channel with the highest open rates! Cause who doesn't open a text message, right?

Klaviyo's SMS functionality integrates seamlessly with email. Having both contact points allows companies to tailor the experience to customers' preferences and saves them money as they don't double-send messages if unnecessary.

SMS offers companies an essential and successful touchpoint as SMS are 99% read, and 90% read within the first 3 minutes. 

Worth noting and remembering, businesses must comply with all SMS laws and regulations. Well, Klaviyo's signup form templates provide all required opt-in language and safeguards to prevent sending to consumers who haven't provided consent. Pretty handy!

A/B testing for SMS is currently in testing mode (meta?) but should be released to everyone very soon. 

SMS is currently only available in the US, Canada and the UK. 

4) The report library is the last update. 

The report library provides companies pre-built reports which demonstrate what data is crucial for commonly asked questions and inspires companies with new ways to sort and organize their data. 

klaviyo report library dashboard screen shot