Diversifying your ads with Snapchat

Snapchat has a distinct user base:

  • 75% of users are millennials and Gen Z (who have $1 trillion in direct spending power).
  • 70% of users are female. 
  • 84% of users are under 34 years old.

For companies whose target market aligns with this niche user base, Snapchat advertising is a no-brainer 🧠.

What about those companies whose target market doesn’t align?


So, we say, try it! You may be surprised by the results.

A number of different businesses are seeing success on Snapchat, from high-end jewelry stores, to automobile parts shops, to food and beverage. 

Snapchat offers many targeting opportunities, including:

  • Consumers’ online and offline interests and behaviours.
  • Demographics, such as age, gender, and device type.
  • Geography ranging from the country down to specific addresses. 

Companies are also able to plug in information about their customers.

As you run ads on Snapchat, you’ll receive detailed audience insights, which allow you to: 

  • Create relevant audiences that can be activated with Saved Audiences.
  • See the interests of people in your Custom Audience.
  • See the demographic breakdown of people in your Custom Audience.
  • Expand the reach of campaigns by adding segments that resemble your target audience.

Sounds expensive... but it’s not! 

You can run ads for as low as $5 a day. You have complete control over your budget and are charged per 1,000 impressions (CPM). While CPM on Facebook can be upward of $30, Snapchat can be as low as $3 (or even lower the more you spend)

We see swipe-ups, which are the equivalent of a click-through, that are typically less than $1 and, on average, less than $40 per purchase.

Are you sold yet?  Yeah, so are we 

Let’s switch gears briefly and discuss creative on Snapchat. What options do you have?

Snapchat offers 7 different styles of ads.

Single Image or Video 

These ads are vertical, full-screen ads that can appear in-between or after content. They have a swipe-up feature that redirects customers to:

  • A longer video
  • An app download
  • An article 
  • A website

Content that appears native to the platform performs best, which keeps the cost of Snapchat ads low.

Collection Ads

These ads are four, tappable tiles that let Snapchatters browse and buy products. Customers can tap on the tiles to learn more about the products. 

Story Ads
Story ads are located in the Discover section. When customers tap into the branded area, they can view a collection of 3-20 Snaps. Swipe-ups can be added here as a CTA. 


These ads have many guidelines and restrictions, but they do allow you to create interactive augmented reality ads. There are two types of lenses: face lenses, which manipulate aspects of a user’s face, or world lenses that map the environment around the user. 

World lenses are great for virtually showcasing products and features. For example, Snapchatters can try on your products and be prompted to “order now”. 


Filters appear after a user takes a photo and swipes in either direction. These are used to highlight locations, such as parks, restaurants, and more. 


These ads are unskippable for 6 seconds, guaranteeing the viewing of the ad. They can be as long as 3 minutes, but ensure you have an attention-grabbing intro to entice users to keep watching. 

Dynamic Ads

Dynamic ads react to the user’s action path or page views on your website. They can be formatted as a single image or collection, and will automatically promote personalized items.