5 Steps to Finding the Perfect Influencer for Your Next Brand Collab

We're not talking about a Kardashian unless you have a cool milli to drop per sponsored post. 

From a brand perspective, it can be overwhelming to find the right influencer match.

How do you choose?

Step 1

Determine what content you're looking for (lifestyle photos, video, blog, etc.). This could be a great opportunity to curate high-quality content like video reviews.

Step 2

Determine what size of influencer(s) you're looking for. Nano? Micro? Mega? Your budget will largely dictate this, but just because you can't spend your entire year's marketing budget on one influencer collab doesn't mean you can't find some real success, and build amazing relationships, with nano influencers.

Step 3

If you don't have budget for a paid influencer marketing tool, start by doing a Google search. You can search for "Top [Your Brand Category] Influencers on [Channel]", or use a platform like Upfluence, which has a free Chrome extension and paid plans.

You can also consider joining influencer matchmaking groups on Facebook. Herehere, and here are some examples of groups dedicated to matching influencers with brands.

Step 4

Really, and we mean really, look at the influencer's content.

The best way to determine if an influencer is the right match for your brand isn't necessarily by reading their bio, but by looking at their last 6 - 9 posts. The most recent content pieces will give you an indication of the category match for your brand.

Finding the right influencer goes beyond just looking at an Instagram profile. Look at all the types of content that influencer can produce. What platforms are they active on? Are they bloggers, can they write? Look at all their content creation skills. Also, look for previous collaboration experience (i.e., previous sponsorships). 

Dial in your influencer criteria and make sure the influencer's interests are aligned with yours.

Step 5

Connect with influencers who meet your criteria and budget. Most influencers will have contact information in their Instagram bios or on their websites. The big fish will have an agent. 

If affiliate / influencer marketing is going to become a more permanent fixture in your marketing toolbox, then consider setting up a dedicated page on your website where influencers can apply for collaborations with you. Let people know you have an affiliate program. Share it in your newsletter or other email communications.


At this point you're probably wondering, "Ok, now that I've found some influencers I want to work with, how do I pitch them?"

We hate to leave you on the 'ol cliffhanger, but that will have to be a story for another time. (Seriously though, we will cover this in a future newsletter.)

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