6 Offers to Encourage Shoppers to Buy Now

A. Tripwire Offers

Perhaps the most effective customer acquisition tactic, the purpose of a tripwire offer is to convert a massive amount of first-time buyers with a low-entry offer, with the intention of selling them your higher-priced core products later.

Tripwire offers

B. Free Gift With Purchase Offers

A type of premium offer, which is when you sell two or more products together as a bundle, and price it for less than their combined individual prices.

Premium offers come in many shapes and sizes and serve multiple purposes along the customer journey, and “free gift with purchase” premium offers are specifically good at initiating immediate transactions.

The motive here is to incentivize your target buyer to purchase a core product, where they will receive a bonus gift. If your core product is already something they want, the gift with purchase is the little push that gets them to act NOW.

Free gift with purchase offers

C. Discount Offers

It’s common knowledge that frequently discounting products can cheapen your brand. However, discounting is an incredibly powerful customer acquisition strategy when executed strategically, with the right timing, reason, and customer ascension path in place.

Discount offers

D. Free Shipping Offers

One of the top reasons shoppers abandon their carts is shipping costs. And one of the best ways to lower your abandoned cart rate and increase conversions is to offer free shipping. You can also use free shipping offers in combination with other offers to maximize value.

Free shipping offers

E. Scarcity And Urgency Offers

Scarcity occurs when the customer perceives there to be a limited supply of products they want, which motivates them to buy now.

Scarcity and urgency offers

F. Abandoned Cart Offers

Customers who add to cart have demonstrated interest in purchasing your products, and therefore they're quite far along the customer journey and need to be a top priority.

Abandoned cart offers

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