The Perfect Product Page Checklist




There are a few things high-converting product pages have in common, and we think these shouldn't be kept a secret.

So, in an effort to spread the love this month, we'll let you in on our Product Page Checklist:

1) Make sure you have a solid page title. Your page title should be descriptive enough so someone who lands on your site for the first time can glance at it in five seconds and understand what it is that you're selling. 

2) Don't forget about meta descriptions and keywords. There's a lot of SEO juice in your H1, H2, H3, etc. tags and ALT descriptions for your images. This ensures your website is not only inclusive, but also searchable.

3) What's your unique selling proposition? What makes you different? How will you change your target customer's day-to-day for the better?

4) Where are your trust badges (guarantees, free returns, free shipping, vegan, gluten-free, trusted for over X years, etc.)?

5) Clearly state your features vs. benefits  your differentiator. For example, your battery can last for 48 hours is a feature, but the benefit is you can go camping for a whole weekend without having to charge it.

6) Add social proof and user-generated content.

7) Include lots of testimonials.

8) Add key phrases and FAQs. What are your customers asking? Be proactive in answering any objections to the sale.

9) Add social sharing icons so people can share your product pages on their social channels.

Here's an example of a product page "glow up":

People need to know that they can find what they're looking for on your website quickly and easily.

Make it easy to buy from you and don't forget to approach your website with a mobile first design in mind. 

Download our product page checklist here!