Dominate The Holiday Sales Rush Using Your Owned Channels

Klaviyo recently announced 6 exciting product updates that will be a game-changer going into Black Friday / Cyber Monday. These updates include:

  • New Template Editor
  • New Forms Library
  • Quiet Hours
  • Help Desk Integration 
  • Scheduled Reports
  • Showcase

Let’s dive deeper into each of the new features.

If switching to a new editor before the holidays feels overwhelming, you can still use the old editor. However, if you want to switch, you can access the new templates from the Email Templates tab by clicking Create Template > Use New Editor. With the New Template Editor you can: 

  • Group related blocks into a section that can be easily cloned, deleted, or saved. 
  • These sections can be pulled into future messages for ease.
  • Add in background images that automatically adjust for desktop and mobile view. 
  • Use the undo and redo buttons when designing your messages.
  • Preview your email on desktop and mobile easier, and switch between several real customers to view how your email is personalized. 
  • The universal block allows you to edit email content once and automatically update everywhere that content is used. (Like, for example, updating headers for Black Friday.) 

You already know that sign-up forms are a great way to grow your customer list. With the New Forms Library you can now:

  • Browse dozens of new form designs that are optimized for both mobile and desktop.
  • Use templates with a side image.
  • Customize the “X” button. 
  • View a mobile preview of your forms. 

SMS continues to be a growing channel for many merchants. As a matter of fact, 75% of consumers say they're open to receiving messages from brands they care about. Klaviyo’s Quiet Hours update is helping businesses stay compliant and improve their customer experience by: 

  • Helping you avoid sending messages during non-preferred hours. 
  • Changing the settings depending on the type of message. For example, you will still want to send order confirmation messages even if the customer is doing some late-night shopping. 

The Help Desk Integration is currently only available for those who use Gorgias helpdesk. Other integrations are coming in the future. For those that use Gorgias, this feature lets you:

  • Have tickets created within Gorgias whenever a customer sends an SMS to a Klaviyo phone number. 
  • Each message sent is added as a comment to the ticket and the replies from a Gorgias agent will send an SMS back to the customer.

To integrate your Gorgias helpdesk you must contact Klaviyo support. 

Downloading reports is essential to making data-driven decisions. Especially with the copious amount of data Klaviyo stores. Downloading these reports does take time. Scheduled Reports gives you back this time by:

  • Scheduling your reports to auto-run at a specific date and time.
  • Notifying you when your results are ready.

Note that you're limited to scheduling 10 reports per user. If you'd like to use more reports, contact Klaviyo. 

The last update is Showcase, which provides you:

  • A growing collection of proven user-created email and SMS campaigns. 
  • Filtering abilities by channel, campaign type, industry, holidays, metrics, and discounts. 
  • Subject lines and preview text.

We were already a HUGE fan of Klaviyo and all of the features it provides, but these updates just took it to the next level! 

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