How to Maximize Your Amazon Prime Day Earnings This Year

Amazon Prime Day is on June 21 and 22 and for many a merchant, represents one of the biggest earning opportunities of the year (besides Black Friday, of course).

If you already sell on Amazon, this is your cue to roll up your sleeves and get to work on your Prime Day campaign.

And if you don't sell on Amazon, that's okay too. You can use these tips to prep for your Father's Day campaign!

Amazon Prime Day 2021

1. Create a Prime Day Hub.

Consider creating a single page that contains all of your Prime Day deals and recommendations. A one-stop shop for your customers. When you promote Prime Day across your digital channels, drive traffic to your Hub to maximize your earnings.

2. Set up notifications so your customers can get the latest deals.

You can set up notifications on the Amazon mobile app or ask Alexa! (For reference: Prime Day will feature more than two million deals globally, and they move fast.)

3. Identify your audience’s interests in advance.

To do this, take a stroll down memory lane and look at past events, promotions, and deals to identify what your audience will love. Review trending categories and what your audience has purchased from you before in your earnings report on Associates Central. 

4. Start building social buzz around your Prime Day Hub early (like... right now).

Post regularly to build excitement and highlight important details about the event. 

5. Build an opt-in Prime Day email list.

Say it with us now, "The money is in the list!" Make sure you're sending reminders and real-time updates to your audience leading up to, and during, Prime Day. 


Make Prime Day 2021 one of your top-earning events!