The Key To Last Minute Shopping

We're all still suffering from a little Black Friday hangover, but the season's not over just yet. With old Saint Nick making his list and checking it twice, we know of one item that will definitely be in Santa's sleigh... 

You guessed it: Gift cards!

Love 'em or hate 'em, gift cards are one of the best ways to continue bringing in sales even after your shipping deadline passes. 

Fortunately, gift cards solve many problems: 

  • For out-of-stock items on your website, add a link on the product page for people to buy a gift card instead of leaving empty-handed.
  • For those who are indecisive or unsure, gift cards provide them with the freedom of allowing the giftee to decide. 
  • If the recipient lives in a different city, shipping items this year comes with increased risk, while gift cards are guaranteed to arrive on Christmas day.

Gift cards also provide benefits to you as the retailer:

  • They help boost brand awareness. Over 60% of gift cards are redeemed by someone other than the purchaser. You introduce your brand to two customers for every transaction. 
  • There's no extra cost for shipping, and everything is digital, which also reduces lost gift card complaints. 
  • Most consumers spend, on average, $59 more than the amount on the gift card, and they're guaranteed to come back to your store to redeem it.

Now that you're sold on gift cards, let's talk about how to sell them!

On your website:

  • Include gift cards in your navigation bar for easy access.
  • Drop a hint in the product descriptions that gift cards are available.
  • Create a dedicated landing page.


  • Add gift cards to upsell campaigns.
  • Promote them to previous customers and new list members.
  • Drop a hint in your thank you emails.


  • Special gift discounts / promotions (e.g., get $100 gift card for $80). 
  • Run a giveaway where those who purchase gift cards are entered, or give away gift cards.
  • Issue with purchases over a certain denomination.
  • Gift One, Get One—The purchaser can keep a gift card for themselves as well.

Click for a 2.5-minute tutorial on selling gift cards.