Today We're Thinking Inside The Box

For Canadian and Commonwealth shoppers, there's a massive shopping day still to come.

Boxing Day is estimated to be the 5th largest shopping day in 2021.

For country's that don’t recognize Boxing Day, post-Christmas is still an opportunity for one last sale. If your Black Friday sale underperformed, what’s stopping you from taking what you learned and giving it one last hurrah?

Some ways you can frame your end-of-year sale include: 

  • Treat Yourself—Now that Christmas shipping deadlines have passed, encourage shoppers to buy for themselves.
  • Thank You Sale—Thank your customers for supporting you throughout the year by offering them one last sale.
  • One Last Gift From Us—Include some sort of extra perk, like a gift with purchase. 

Or have a good old fashioned Boxing Day / Week Sale. The choice is yours.

Many consumers receive gift cards or cash over the holidays and are still in a shopping mood. Their shopping mindset has shifted; they're now focused on buying for themselves. Aligning your ad copy with this shift can help your sale be successful. 

People are determined to better themselves at the beginning of the year and purchase products that align with their goals, so try using New Year's resolution language in your marketing. Use terms like “self-care” or “your time” to speak to this changed attitude. 

Here's another idea: Launch a new product! 

Consumers are focused on a NEW version of themselves and are attracted to the idea of new. Launching a new product can help encourage the new purchasers you attracted over Black Friday to repurchase from you, and become loyal customers. 

Don’t want to run a sitewide discount? Try providing your most loyal customers with unique discount codes to thank them for their support. Send personalized discounts based on loyalty status, location, or previous purchases. 

Run a sale that provides the purchaser with gift cards for future purchases that activate 2-4 weeks after the initial purchase. This type of sale helps you finish the year with a bang, while encouraging your customers to come back during the possibly slower month of January. 

If you're running a Boxing Day sale, this year is extra special. Boxing day falls on a shopping-friendly Sunday, which means the day off is on Monday. No better reason to send those sale extension emails and run your sale for two full days of shopping!

We know it's getting late in the year, and you may have used up all your witty email subject lines on Black Friday.

Click for a swipe file containing 30+ Boxing Day email subject lines to catch your subscribers' attention.