What To Do Now That Black Friday And Cyber Monday Are Over

.. Don't take your foot off the pedal! 

You still have 25 days to go until Christmas. That's 25 days of reaching customers who are in a shopping mindset. 

December 18th is predicted to be the second busiest shopping day of the year, with December 23rd and December 11th following close behind.

To help capture customers who are still in that holiday shopping state of mind, some brands are extending their BFCM sales for the entire week after Cyber Monday.

These extended sales can help convert people who were hesitant over the BFCM weekend, and are now experiencing a case of FOMO (fear of missing out). You may also find that you have 2021 buyers coming back for more, both for themselves and for gifting. 

Knowing that they have one more chance to purchase can be enough to nudge them to sound the Shopify "ka-ching" bell.


Extended Black Friday Email

Whether you email your entire list about the sale extension, or just those that clicked your offer but didn't purchase, here are some tips that can help you convert these folks:

  • Keep your design simple and informative.
  • Have your discount highlighted above the fold.
  • Use a banner to communicate key information, such as free shipping.
  • Use product blocks to help direct customers to best sellers, low stock items, gift ideas, etc.

We've curated a special collection of swipe files containing high-converting sale extension emails and subject lines just for you.

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