This is the Most Important Thing to Remember if You Plan to Generate a Lot of Sales on Black Friday

Black Friday Numbers

Q2 is only two weeks away, which means that now is the optimal time to start warming up new audiences to your store, and verifying which offers are resonating with your audience the most. 

Because, well, Black Friday / Cyber Monday (BFCM) is kind of a big deal, because it's a massive opportunity to generate a lot of sales. 

Shopify reported a 76% increase in sales worldwide year-over-year during BFCM, which jumped from $2.9 billion USD in 2019 to $5.1 billion USD in 2020. 

Instead of just preaching about it, we'll put some proof in that ole pudding and share sales charts showing a few successful campaigns we had the great honour of helping out with in 2020 (note that the last giant bar on the far right of these charts is November 2020).

BFCM charts

You get the idea. There's a lot of opportunity to drive sales later this year, and the momentum starts NOW.

So, what are some specific things you can work on to drive momentum from now until the big weekend?

Here are 5 priorities:

  1. Set up a Facebook pixel on your store if you haven't already. 

  2. Once your pixel is all set up, get traffic! You want as many people as possible reaching your pixel, so you can retarget shoppers with your offers now AND over BFCM.

  3. Set up a welcome email signup offer on your website to build your email list (which is the most powerful resource for sales over BFCM, where ad space is competitive, and ad costs are incredibly high).

  4. Try different offers over the months ahead to get a sense of which type of offers your customers love the most. Some ideas? Gift with purchase, buy one get one, just pay the shipping, free shipping over a certain threshold, etc. Measure the uptake on your offers now, so you can triple down on the best ones over BFCM.

  5. Get sales now, too! I hope you are happy to hear this one.  We don't just want to warm up audiences to your brand, we want to acquire new customers now who we can resell to over BFCM (and a lifetime). 

Need some more ideas? Feel free to schedule a call with our coworker Brandon through the button below. He built his own Shopify store and can share some EPIC ideas with you.