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Each of these tactics alone could be a powerhouse for your online store. We've seen online stores succeed by simply mastering just one item.

Last month Klaviyo founder Andrew Bialecki shared some interesting numbers:

  • Klaviyo's customer base tripled in 2020.
  • There are over 100,000 startup businesses using Klaviyo for free, and over 200,000 total users worldwide.
  • Klaviyo partners have doubled.
  • Merchants made $15 billion in sales using Klaviyo in 2020. That's a 50% YoY increase!

On the heels of these stats came back-to-back announcements about two major updates. 

Here's the scoop:

Over one million merchants are now using Shopify as their store site, which has made Shopify the third-largest eCommerce retailer after Amazon and eBay. The Shopify platform and its ecosystem of app partners have made getting your online store up and running super easy, and that’s the problem. At Merchant Mastery, we see too many beginning merchants build out their online stores to experience one of the following predicaments:
Conversion science is the study and practice of getting website visitors to perform an action on a merchant site. Common activities include clicking a link, filling out a form, downloading a file, subscribing to a list, adding to cart, and eventually transacting a purchase.

Does this sound familiar?

You're a one-person team. You do everything for your online store. You handle manufacturing, logistics, fulfillment, your sales and marketing efforts, and, oh yeah, you do all the design because you don't have a graphic designer on your payroll. (Ahem, correction: You have one, and it's you).

You've dabbled in Adobe Photoshop, but you find it intimidating, and kind of expensive for what you need it for.

What do you do?

Probably look for free tools to start, but where do you find the right ones?

We have just the toolkit for you.

Q2 is only two weeks away, which means that now is the optimal time to start warming up new audiences to your store, and verifying which offers are resonating with your audience the most. 

Because, well, Black Friday / Cyber Monday (BFCM) is kind of a big deal, because it's a massive opportunity to generate a lot of sales. 

In the world of email, just like in life, you don't get many chances to make a stellar first impression. And if you mess it up, well... you may not get a chance to redeem yourself.

Did you know emails in a welcome flow generate a 86% greater click rate than one-time sends?

The welcome series is one of the most important automated email flows you can set up. 

OK, it doesn't just kind of suck. It sucks big time. Did you know that according to Shopify, out of every 10 customers that add a product to cart, 7 will abandon the purchase?!

The thing about cart abandonment, however, is that it's the lowest hanging fruit — these shoppers have demonstrated high intent to purchase, and they just haven't followed through with the transaction yet.

So as a store owner, you need every tactic in your toolkit to farm these sales opportunities.